February 28, 2012


Here's a short piece of creative prose I wrote not long ago.

Signals chimed. Thrusters ignited. Computers hummed. My ship was ready to break orbit.
“Away we go!”
“Light speed!”
Vroom! Whoosh! I scream though space.
“Approaching destination!”
My plane/submarine/boat/spaceship/tunneler/car/time traveler was coming up on Planet X. The Heroes League of Earth will give me a medal for this! I zoom right into the planet’s ocean and sink beneath the waves.
“Torpedoes locked!”
The Ancient Artifact will be recovered! Without it, Earth is doomed!
“Eat this, aliens, your last meal will be LASERS!”
Voip! Pew-pew-pew! Ratta-tatta-tattata!
Blast! My blaster is jammed, and they’re closing in. I’m going to have to jump! But I’ll leave them a present – my ion grenade!
Ka-BAAAM! Earth is saved, just in time for lunch.

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