February 24, 2012

Awesome Sites Part Two: Miscellaneous

There are tons of awesome sites out there, and some sites are hard to put under a single category. I think I'll save game sites for later. Here's some miscellaneous, with music tacked on at the end.

1. Sourceforge
Here you can find open source software of all sorts -- games, file transfer systems, audio, picture and video editors, editors, etc. ... all for FREE.

2. YouTube
Well. You've heard of YouTube. But maybe not some of the most awesome parts of it. Go to my channel to see who I follow, I only follow awesome.

3. homestarrunner.net
It's dot com!!! Just kidding. A cool site chock full of funny flash animations and a few games. Go there and click the "First time here?" button.

4. Hulu
I like to watch a little A-Team, a little Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, a little Jackie Chan Adventures. You can get lost here for days.

5. Wolfram | Alpha
A "computational knowledge engine." This video shows what it can do better than I can. It can do a whole dang lot.

6.Project Gutenberg
Free books no longer protected by copyright. Pretty simple, and yet pretty cool.

7. ZamZar
A file conversion tool based online. Get videos from your computer or off YouTube, pictures, music, etc. and it will convert them to a specified file format for download.

8. Amazon
My very favorite place to shop online. Probably favorite place to shop period. Free shipping in most my cases, and tax free.

9. Picnik
Photo editing online. Can do a few things Photoshop can't as easily, and free, and convenient.

10. Music sites
Ah, isn't the web the best place for music?

  1. Pandora -- internet radio stations you make yourself, my favorite place to discover new music. pandora.com
  2. Third Rock -- "America's Space Station," an internet radio station powered by NASA. thirdrockradio.net
  3. Grooveshark -- best place, I think, online to find a song that you already know about. Can find some things most others can't. listen.grooveshark.com
  4. Bandcamp -- here, if you go about looking the right way, you can find excellent tunes for free to download. bandcamp.com
  5. Spotify -- okay, not a website exactly, but it comes from one and can't (for free anyways) work well without the internet. I probably use it more than all the rest combined, with a playlist with c. 2 days of awesome songs. spotify.com

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