May 5, 2012


If you would like to experience great insight about the internet and YouTube and vlogging, please watch this video.

That is all.

April 16, 2012


Most wondrous discoveries can be made browsing idly through the pages of SourceForge.
Go here, PLEASE! It is the most intriguing thing. Then go to their website and look around.
That is all.

April 4, 2012

Music Trackers

So I haven't posted in quite a while. Oh well. What can I say, I've been busy, but I haven't forgotten about this little blog.

I want to share this really neat little thing called a tracker. (A lot of things are apparently called that too, though.) The tracker I am talking about is one that sequences MIDI notes in tracks, to make for a pretty sweet music-making machine. It is the easiest way I have found of making  music.

The tracker that introduced me to trackers is MadTracker 2. It is free to download, so you don't have any excuse for not trying it out. Go here. You will not regret it probably.

March 3, 2012

Internet Story

Here is the creepiest video I have ever seen, discovered via the "Gray's Favorites #1" playlist by C.G.P. Gray. I highly recommend his channel, for he commonly uploads videos that are most intriguing. I recommend watching the whole thing to get the point.

Thinking About Writing a Book

I am thinking about writing a book. I just have so many things I have to figure out to make that happen. I'd like to design the whole thing -- page size and layout and all that, but I don't really want to be in charge of distribution. I also need to, uh, kind of figure out WHAT I want to write about.... I have no idea about how I get published (or if I want to publish myself) or how to set up copyright things. If someone out there wants to give a few pointers, I'd appreciate it.

February 24, 2012

Awesome Sites Part Two: Miscellaneous

There are tons of awesome sites out there, and some sites are hard to put under a single category. I think I'll save game sites for later. Here's some miscellaneous, with music tacked on at the end.

1. Sourceforge
Here you can find open source software of all sorts -- games, file transfer systems, audio, picture and video editors, editors, etc. ... all for FREE.

2. YouTube
Well. You've heard of YouTube. But maybe not some of the most awesome parts of it. Go to my channel to see who I follow, I only follow awesome.

It's dot com!!! Just kidding. A cool site chock full of funny flash animations and a few games. Go there and click the "First time here?" button.

4. Hulu
I like to watch a little A-Team, a little Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, a little Jackie Chan Adventures. You can get lost here for days.

5. Wolfram | Alpha
A "computational knowledge engine." This video shows what it can do better than I can. It can do a whole dang lot.

6.Project Gutenberg
Free books no longer protected by copyright. Pretty simple, and yet pretty cool.

7. ZamZar
A file conversion tool based online. Get videos from your computer or off YouTube, pictures, music, etc. and it will convert them to a specified file format for download.

8. Amazon
My very favorite place to shop online. Probably favorite place to shop period. Free shipping in most my cases, and tax free.

9. Picnik
Photo editing online. Can do a few things Photoshop can't as easily, and free, and convenient.

10. Music sites
Ah, isn't the web the best place for music?

  1. Pandora -- internet radio stations you make yourself, my favorite place to discover new music.
  2. Third Rock -- "America's Space Station," an internet radio station powered by NASA.
  3. Grooveshark -- best place, I think, online to find a song that you already know about. Can find some things most others can't.
  4. Bandcamp -- here, if you go about looking the right way, you can find excellent tunes for free to download.
  5. Spotify -- okay, not a website exactly, but it comes from one and can't (for free anyways) work well without the internet. I probably use it more than all the rest combined, with a playlist with c. 2 days of awesome songs.

February 21, 2012

Newgrounds Uploads 1

Here is what I started out on Newgrounds with. All work is 100% mine.

8-bit DnD

Here's a cool animation a friend showed me.

I kind of want to try out DnD sometime.
Based upon 8-Bit Theater, a great webcomic I should have mentioned before.
Read it here.

February 20, 2012

Top of the Heap

I must state that I am very proud of the fact that Google searching my web alias, Anabioo, turns up seven top results that are all mine.

Result #1: My blogger profile.
Result #2: My Steam profile.
Result #3: My Steam games list under my profile.
Result #4: My YouTube channel.
Result #5: My art submitted to Newgrounds.
Result #6: My Newgrounds stats.
Result #7: This blog.

Aaaannnd, that's out of about 60,400 results. Funnily enough, none of the top 10 results even mention what the word means.

Edit: Okay, the whole first page of results is mine now.

February 19, 2012

Awesome Sites Part One: Webcomics

This post will cover webcomics. I must confess I am quite enamored with them. Here I will list the ones I find well worth following. If you like webcomics too, and can think of some good ones that I have not listed here, please add them in a comment. Not really in any sort of order:

1. xkcd
One of the most popular webcomics out there, and, I must say, one of the best.
"A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language."

2. Questionable Content
Another popular one, mostly about relationships and hipsters in the near future.

3. Looking for Group
Medieval fantasy setting. Medieval fantasy theme.

Well, it's got a walking-talking X-box. Also an unforgettable character named Ethan.

5. The Zombie Hunters
Pretty simply a zombie comic. Pretty new.

6. Dead Winter
Another zombie comic, probably better than The Zombie Hunters. Every hundredth strip is animated and looks really cool.

7. Amazing Agent Jennifer
For those of you who normally read comics right-to-left, a action comic. Not very much of it yet.

8. Gunnerkrigg Court
One of my absolute favorites. Starts out a little homely, but develops nicely.

9. Antihero for Hire
A superhero webcomic. Not many of those, suprisingly.

10. Flipside
I really don't know how to write a description for this one. Ummm... it has magic?

11. Dr. McNinja
The first webcomic I was ever introduced to. Quite thoroughly awesome.

12. Girl Genius
It's kind of steampunk. It's quite simply a heck of a good comic.
"Adventure, Romance, MAD SCIENCE!"

There's a few others I have read, but I have either forgotten about them or wouldn't care to list them here. I shall continue with "Awesome Sites" part two later. See you.

February 17, 2012

Feynman video

I didn't even know who this guy was, but he has an excellent change of perspective on things. Just set me thinking. Definitely worth watching.

February 13, 2012

First post

First post. Welp, can't really say why I started a blog... but I did. I don't honestly think many people will care about what I have to say; I myself am not a follower of any blog. But at least, if I meet someone who is interested in me, I can link them to here. See ya.