February 19, 2012

Awesome Sites Part One: Webcomics

This post will cover webcomics. I must confess I am quite enamored with them. Here I will list the ones I find well worth following. If you like webcomics too, and can think of some good ones that I have not listed here, please add them in a comment. Not really in any sort of order:

1. xkcd
One of the most popular webcomics out there, and, I must say, one of the best.
"A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language."

2. Questionable Content
Another popular one, mostly about relationships and hipsters in the near future.

3. Looking for Group
Medieval fantasy setting. Medieval fantasy theme.

Well, it's got a walking-talking X-box. Also an unforgettable character named Ethan.

5. The Zombie Hunters
Pretty simply a zombie comic. Pretty new.

6. Dead Winter
Another zombie comic, probably better than The Zombie Hunters. Every hundredth strip is animated and looks really cool.

7. Amazing Agent Jennifer
For those of you who normally read comics right-to-left, a action comic. Not very much of it yet.

8. Gunnerkrigg Court
One of my absolute favorites. Starts out a little homely, but develops nicely.

9. Antihero for Hire
A superhero webcomic. Not many of those, suprisingly.

10. Flipside
I really don't know how to write a description for this one. Ummm... it has magic?

11. Dr. McNinja
The first webcomic I was ever introduced to. Quite thoroughly awesome.

12. Girl Genius
It's kind of steampunk. It's quite simply a heck of a good comic.
"Adventure, Romance, MAD SCIENCE!"

There's a few others I have read, but I have either forgotten about them or wouldn't care to list them here. I shall continue with "Awesome Sites" part two later. See you.

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